Patient Resources

Medical information is everywhere online. To help you find reliable information, I have put together a collection of quality sources including other medical sites, smartphone apps, and pharmaceutical assistance programs.

Help with Medications

There are several companies that can help reduce the cost of medications. Most pharmaceutical companies also have patient assistance programs available as well.


Quality Online Sites

There are a ton of medical sites on the internet. Knowing which ones to trust is crucial to finding quality information. I have collected a large list of resources, including state and local sites.


There’s an App for That

Medical apps are becoming more and more popular among patients. Be sure you are using quality apps, designed to provide you with accurate information and reliable guidance.


Patient Handouts

I have put together a few helpful handouts on different topics. Please use these as general guidance only and always consult your physician for specific advice.


Medicine Online

How to find quality medical resources online, even if you are using Dr. Google!