Smart Phone Apps

WebMD - general medical referecne                  iOS           Android

Lose It! - calorie and exercise tracker                  iOS           Android

Tap and Track - calorie and exercise tracker      iOS          

My Fitness Pal - calorie and exercise tracker     iOS           Android

GoodRx - medication savings                              iOS           Android

Pill Identifier - identify medication easily            iOS

AsthmaMD - asthma management app             iOS           Android

CoxHealth Now - healthcare on your schedule iOS           Android

AllergyCast - allergy forcast for your area          iOS           Android

Pill Reminder - remember your medications      iOS           Android

Glucose Buddy - diabetes management            iOS           Android

One Drop - diabetes management                     iOS           Android

Baby Begginings - pregnancy information        iOS           Android

Aysa - answers to skin questions                       iOS          

Skin safe - search skin products                         iOS            Android  

MoodTrek - mental health                                   iOS            Android

Headspace - mental health                                 iOS            Android

Mind Yeti - mental health                                     iOS            

SuperBetter - mental health                                iOS            Android

Happify - mental health                                       iOS            Android

Insight Timer - mental health                              iOS            Android

Food Intolerances - diet reference                     iOS            Android

All I Can Eat - diet reference                               iOS          

Kid Care - pediatric reference from SLCH         iOS            Android

Migraine Buddy - migraine tracking                   iOS            Android