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Patient Resources

Medical information is everywhere online. To help you find reliable information, I have put together a collection of quality sources including other medical sites and smartphone apps.


Let’s Get Social

I am active on social media including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I share timely medical videos, insights into my life as a physician, as well as other helpful information on all of my social media channels.


Medication Assistance

Pharmaceutical medicaitons can be expensive. I’ve provided links to medication assistance resources for many popular medications.


Meet Louis Krenn MD

I am a board certified family medicine physician currently practicing in Springfield, MO. I have a passion for preventative medicine and chronic disease management including diabetes, hypertension and mental health.


Let's grow together

New patients are always welcome in my practice.

  • General diagnosis and treatment for all ages, 0+
  • Well adult and child examinations, including preventative services, and immunizations
  • Travel, work, and sports physicals
  • Minor procedures such as mold removal, toenail removal, and wart treatment
  • Comprehensive labs services drawn onsite, EKG, and retinal imaging for diabetics

Why Family Medicine

Choosing a specialty in medicine is a very important decision. Hear why I chose a career in family medicine and what it means to me and my patients.

“I had a great experience at their office. His Nurse was quick to take care of me and the Doctor was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a straight forward, no fuss visit"

– Patient Review

“My family and I have used Dr. Krenn for many, many years as our primary care physician. Dr. Krenn is very open to discussing options for alternative medicine as my wife is a huge advocate of alternative means of treatment. He is honest and forthright with his opinions and will not hesitate to refer a patient to a specialist as he has done fo rme several times in the 15+ years I have used him. I Hightly recommend Dr. Krenn as a Primary Care Physician!"

– Patient Review

“I see Dr. Krenn for depression and feel that he is very understanding of my situation and explains what steps “we” shoudl take to help get me better. I feel he includes me in the treatment plan and wants to know my opinion of his plan of action. He wants to knwo that the patient is in agreement with the plan before it is set in motiion and allows them to ask any questions or bring up any concerns that they may have."

– Patient Review